Monday, June 28, 2010

Gabriel's 1st Birthday

We celebrated our beautiful baby boys 1st birthday on Friday. It was such a nice day. It went something like this...

Steven and I wake up and have to wait until 9am until the little prince decided to wake! We spent the morning opening the many gifts he received from our friends and family from Scotland and eating breakfast pancakes. Those of you in Melbourne will know how miserable the weather was on Friday but that didn't stop us from our planned trip to the zoo to see Mali, the baby elephant who was born at Melbourne Zoo a few months ago. Gabe loved it! He was especially taken by the gorillas! It all got a bit much for the wee man and he passed out in his pram after lunch.

We then went to a local pizza place for a little family birthday dinner. I was pretty impressed with my birthday cupcakes I made the day before. Although, our Dalmatian did have some additional blue and red spots afterwards! With all our family back in the UK, it's always hard when it come to the big days in Gabe's life but thanks to Skype, his grandparents were able to sing happy birthday with us and watch him blow his candle out which was really special.

This year has been amazing. I've heard parenthood described as making your life twice as hard and twice as good and I couldn't agree more!

Some of my favourite things...
His 'jazz hands' dance moves. The kisses he gives himself in the mirror. (Typical boy - mouth open, tongue out!). The little wave he gives me when he's had his bedtime milk and going for storytime with daddy. How he watches in awe when his daddy plays with the soccer ball. How proud he is of himself when he walks with his little walker. When he feeds Einstein from his highchair when he thinks no-one is looking!

V xx

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  1. Happy 1st birthday to your gorgeous little Gabriel! He is sooooooo cute Vari! Love the cupcakes.